Personal loan

Sometimes you don't have enough cash to finance the project of your dreams. Planning a wedding, a trip, changing cars, or doing chores are expensive life projects that sometimes require a personal loan.

At Royal Finance, we are offering you a new 100% online personal loan experience for the financing of your project; you can sign your contract remotely and directly download your documents required to complete your personal credit report.
This online personal loan application experience is simple, fast and transparent. A financing solution that allows you, in addition, to benefit from a particularly attractive fixed annual borrowing rate (or annual percentage rate). Enough to bring your project to life without having to worry about the next day!


Borrowing from Royal Finance: a quick, fair and transparent loan

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is a loan that concerns operations other than those relating to real estate. More specifically, it responds to a cash flow requirement of a borrower wishing to finance the purchase of consumer goods.

It is therefore not necessarily an affected credit, that is to say a credit that is triggered on the purchase of a product and the presentation of its invoice (as for car credit).

Works credit

Does your home need a facelift? Do you want to enlarge? Yes, but renovation work, like development work, often comes at a significant cost. To make your project a reality, opt for a works credit!

Royal Finance supports you, advises you and offers you a cheap work loan, which you can take out online in just a few minutes. Focus on this type of personal loan!

Credit buyback

Do you have several outstanding loans and want to reduce your monthly payments or simplify them to have only one? The repurchase of credits is the solution adapted to your needs!

In a particular situation or not, Royal Finance offers you to buy back your credits and repay your loans for more flexibility in your budget.

Auto loan

Do you intend to buy a vehicle, but like a large majority of households, you do not have the capital to finance it?

In this case, taking out a car loan is the ideal solution. You will be able to make your automotive project a reality, without necessarily needing a personal contribution. With Royal Finance, experience a fast, efficient and transparent auto loan, in just a few clicks!